Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Moeslein

FAU Vice President & EURAM President Elect

"Collaborative learning, joint innovation and co-creation of knowledge will characterize the future of education. I envision a future where learning happens in all kinds of places, at flexible time schedules and in very diverse digital and social settings. Let us care much more about deep engagement, the joy of learning and traceable learning journeys!"

  • Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Moeslein

Prof. Frank T. Piller


Director of TIM Institute at RWTH Aachen

"Personalization is the future of education. Mass customization has been used as an approach to customize sneakers, muesli, and blue jeans. Today, the technology is there to finally transfer this strategy to all levels of education in a scalable way. I envision a future where digital twins and shadows of each student's learning journey will totally transfer their teaching or training experience into a personalized challenge, empowering students and also making learning much more fun."

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Piller_2020_RWTH_Aachen Photo Martin Bra


Prof. Kalevi Ekman

Godfather of Design Factory Global Network
Director and Founder of AALTO University Design Factory

"The pandemic has boosted online education. This an opportunity but also a risk. Practice related sciences need reinforcing the bridge between theory and practice. In academic programs, we should not focus on the content only. My three dreams: To inspire and engage every single student! Help them to find their passion! Educate them to understand, respect and trust other experts."

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Prof. Gina O'Connor

Professor of Innovation Management at Babson College

"Through academic research and ongoing practice, we know much more about innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity now than even 10 years ago.  Innovation is now recognized as a profession. It is important to share these learnings and help with skill building through traditional and non traditional educational vehicles: Masters’ programs, Executive Education, short seminars and conferences."

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