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Workshop with Policy Makers

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

What will the Future of Teaching for Innovation look like?

Researchers from the VISION EU project have conducted 130 interviews looking into the future of teaching and coaching for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE). A total of 11 in-depth workshops were conducted, led by Future Agenda, which focused on four key topics: the future of work, digitalization of education, social innovation, and creative learning.

In this workshop we explored the following questions:

  • How do we imagine teaching and coaching for CIE in 2030? Which methods would we use most?

  • What would be the role of a human educator in the future? And who will the future learners be?

  • What are the future challenges in teaching & coaching for CIE for universities, companies, trainers and how to prepare today?

As part of the session, we also introduced two forthcoming books and demonstrate how they will benefit the users.

View the session summary below:

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