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Shaping the Future of Education

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

It’s pretty clear that the skills around creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) will be increasingly relevant in the future. Dealing with a complex and turbulent world will need every individual to have the capacity to work with change continuously. And that raises such big questions around how we can support the acquisition and development of those skills through teaching, coaching and training.

That’s the core of the VISION project, which has involved a team of researchers from companies, universities and other players in trying to map the future for skills development in CIE towards 2030.

But while they have produced a detailed roadmap, making the journey will still be a bumpy ride. There are plenty of ‘fault-lines’ along which the ground on which we build our learning structures might shift. This webinar will try to open up the debate, bringing together three participants with different views in what should be some lively interaction around the shape of things to come.

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Thank you for a wonderful session. Lots of insights and it was great to hear speakers and read the audience being so enthusiastic about bringing about change in education.


Victor Newman
Victor Newman
Nov 05, 2021

The real issues for HE is whether the legacy curriculum and delivery is fit for purpose and for its different audiences: a deeper systemic problem is the need to move academic research out of its conservative, closed, self-serving tradition toward a new open research model that involves end-user collaboration and delivers measurable new value.

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