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PODCAST #3: Shaping the future landscape for learning and innovation

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The development of skills and capabilities to work with innovation is becoming essential — they are no longer the province of specialists but something we all need to acquire and practice. In an earlier podcast we looked at the changing landscape for learning about innovation and entrepreneurship., drawing on the VISION project, a major European study looking at this question. At its heart is a vision of how things might develop over the next ten years and it poses challenges around what we might start doing now to secure a positive future.

But whilst we have an idea of what's up ahead the reality is that the future isn't predetermined. It’s a 'design space' within which different versions of the future are argued out and shape - a bit like stretching and shaping dough before we bake it.

So in this podcast we'll listen in on a debate around the different ways in which the future of learning about innovation and entrepreneurship will be shaped - and look at some of the barriers we might need to overcome to get there.

Listen to the podcast here.

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