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From disciplinary- to challenge- and problem-based education

Kokshagina, Olga : RMIT University, Australia, Papageorgiou, Kyriaki : Esade, Spain

From: 2021 ISPIM Innovation Conference (Berlin)

Addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) require high education institutions (HEI) involvement. Many adopted initiatives such as challenge-based foster student transversal competencies, knowledge of sociotechnical problems, and collaboration with different stakeholders. Yet, the initiatives remain fragmented, HEI's capacity in contributing to them is unclear. We argue that CBL implementation within HEI might be enhanced using experiential learning. Based on a review of the academic and grey literature including nine CBL initiatives and qualitative study with 130 different stakeholders involved in HEIs, we first explore how different stakeholders understand and deal with the transition to SDGs. Second, based on the requirements and insights we develop a framework for SDG transition based on experiential learning. We use Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory as a framework and pedagogical basis for designing, implementing, and assessing CBLs practices. This research supports future work and implementation of CBL by extending this concept to the experiential learning.

Read the full paper here.

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